Transmission Specialists

Welcome to M & L Transmissions, Grand Meadow’s Transmission Specialist!

Our owner Les Stier has over two decades worth of experience solely servicing transmissions, and as a born and raised resident of Grand Meadow he takes a special sense of pride working within our community. If your vehicle needs fast, reliable, and honest transmission repair, M & L Transmissions is standing by to work for you.

Have you noticed problems in your vehicle including trouble shifting gears, unusual whining noises, or a persistent burning odor? Whether caused by failed bearings, low transmission fluid, or a worn gear synchronizer or clutch, these are only a few of the indications that your transmission may be in need of immediate repair.

Don’t let your transmission get to the point where it needs a costly replacement. We understand how important your vehicle is to you and emphasize quick work. Call M & L Transmissions now, and if you like we will try to schedule your appointment today!