Transmission Work

The transmission’s job is to transfer the right amount of power from the vehicle’s motor to its wheels. It does this by shifting a series of gears, much as in a bicycle. If your transmission is experiencing a problem, it will manifest itself in reduced fuel economy, and eventually in total failure. Fortunately, there are many signs that even a layman can detect when a transmission is in need of repair. If you are noticing any of the following obvious signs of transmission failure, call M & L Transmissions today to schedule a fast appointment.

Signs Your Transmission May Need Repair

Burning odor:

A vehicle running correctly shouldn’t give off any smell at all. If you smell burning while your engine is running, it may be your transmission’s vital fluid.

Leaking fluid:

If you suspect that transmission fluid is leaking out of your vehicle, you had better have the leak addressed right away. A transmission without fluid will inevitably break!

Check engine light:

Never a pleasant sight, your check engine light may specifically indicate a transmission problem.


Transmission problems may reveal themselves through noises including whining, buzzing, and clunking, even while the vehicle is in neutral.

Slipping gears:

If your vehicle has a correctly functioning automatic transmission, you should barely perceive when it shifts gears. If you notice shaking or shimmying while driving, or grinding while operating a manual transmission, the gears may likely need immediate repair before they’re damaged even further.

The transmission is a highly complicated mechanical component with a lot of moving parts. If yours is in need of repair, trust it to the hands of a dedicated specialist. Call M & L Transmissions today!